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Turkish movies With Urdu Subtitles By UrduBolo But this adoration It shouldn’t simply be the affection for Leyla. Our Lord For the purpose of his adoration for his Lord Taif was likewise stoned. He didn’t bow to the oppressors. The foes couldn’t be threatened. While you are preparing the table While the Pusat is shaking While Toy is speaking Listening to the difficulties You should not lose your affection If you lose your adoration First your awareness disappears Satan gets on your inner self And he oppresses you to himself.

Make your brain love, child. Act with the goal that the dim

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Trukish Movies With Urdu Subtitles By UrduBolo mists over Islam will scatter. Allow the food to end. May equity end. The fire of revival Let it discharge up once more. my sheik. I put on the belt of tirelessness. I will battle until the end. Come on If we go excessively far Balgay will go frantic. O Bismillah! It is put! What are you into, child? Nothing, mother. Okay.


I had a sibling They took him too What do you say,

Have you gotten lost? What are you searching for in our camp? I stayed with you. Come on, come on. Did the Mongols hurt you gravely? Your Osman Bey can’t hurt you now. They’re crushed. Take a gander at these. We have been without a clan for 1,000 years. With a snake like you If we feared a jackal like Balgay We wouldn’t remain before you like this.

Hands bound in your own prison, are you trying


You are lamentable. Because of Osman He had Alişar terminated by Balga. Alishar is gone. Presently the princess Did she want Balgay’s bed? No, princess? My statement contacted the haughtiness of the princess. You long to end the existence that Balgay couldn’t take. I can snicker at this, Sophia. When your oba is stained with your blood You will see my last grinning eyes. Selcan Hatun.

Those eyes It wouldn’t suit us to kick the bucket without

cutting them. I won’t kick the bucket before I see your skin being excoriated. I will come to your burial service. Take a gander at the state we’re in. Wow. There is no report from Osman Bey. We don’t have the foggiest idea where it works. How are we going to persevere through this embarrassment? Kill us. Spirits Brothers Our Almighty Lord The Quran additionally says Bismillahirahmanirahim.

Osman Bey

Except if you endure what those before you endured

You can’t enter Paradise.” Language is likewise simple to accept. Showing restraint in a test, brothers is hard. Siblings Patience siblings! With what face does this avrat come to our clan? I’ll see Let me go! Give up! What is that Sophia snake doing in my hovel! You won’t leave your tent before Osman Bey shows up.

Since he came to the camp without disgrace

with the blood of each of our valiant men on his hands They have a business with Balgay. They won’t leave until we are established. That centipede I ought to have killed it when he originally came to Oba. What did you do on time, Mr. Dundar? I advised Osman to answer You didn’t tune in. I said stop Edebalı You didn’t tune in. Can Feda Turkish Full Movie in Urdu Subtitles

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Presently they have all met up They will kill

Trukish Movies With Urdu Subtitles By UrduBolo us both from our country and from our lives. Zohre Enough! They will take our child from us They will break our brave and sapling. All as a result of Osman. Assuming they attempt to take my child’s life Let me realize that my hand will be your ally in the two universes.

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