Kacis Episode 02 With Urdu Subtitle

Kasic is an action-adventure series produced by the famous Turkish production team Yapi. This series is quite famous in turkey and the entertainment world. This series consists of 4 seasons comprising 131 episodes called bölüm in the Turkish language.

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A dangerous neighborhood, “The Pit “, run by a noble mafia family called Koçovali. When the family is in danger of losing control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, which he could never escape from.

World Wars (عالمی جنگیں)World wars

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A young, rebellious rock-and-roll star, Yamac (Aras Bulut Iynemli), finds love, marries his bride and heads off to Paris for his honeymoon. Several days into this beautiful part of his life, the matriarch of his Mafia family, his mother Sultan (Perihan Savas), tracks him down there and brings him back to Istanbul. She orders him to head up the family he recently escaped from in Cukur, a neighborhood of this magical city.

That’s when the trouble starts for Yamac as he first glimpses the inescapable truth and destiny of his life, Cukur her yerde, ‘Cukur is everywhere’, and aile her seydir, ‘family is everything’. This leaves little room for anything else.

But the room expands and we get Cukur, family and everything else. We gain a multi-headed narrative, a serpentine story set and filmed in and near Balat, a real neighborhood in Istanbul. Balat is the old Jewish and Greek quarter in Istanbul and the name Cukur – The Pit – eponymously embodies the mystery and the meanness of this humble place and its fictional community.

Following are the main and key characters of this play.


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