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In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 152, Soghutlu and Nadir stop Palmer on a street but he escapes to a shop. Doctors at the palace immediately start Shehzade’s surgery. Since Mahmud is very hungry, little children give him food. Saliha asks about Shehzade’s situation and tries to improve Hunkar’s morale. Aliye says that Victor can confess anything and asks Mary to leave the palace. Mary says he will talk to Victor no matter what. Hunkar calls the people he trusts and tells them that Palmer did this assassination. Abdulhamid then asks if Esat and Victor have confessed. Meanwhile, another secret message comes to Hunkar.
While Kani is talking with the French envoy, the message Mahmud sent comes. Hunkar says that the English King went to visit the Russian Tsar and talked about the Ottoman lands at this meeting. Abdulhamid says that he has a spy in this meeting and arranges a meeting with the people he trusts the next day. Edward and Nikolai talk for a while and tell them that they will make the actual plan on the ship.

Kani says that Mahmud will send another telegram soon and that Karasu has been arrested. Saliha says Hunkar let Mary meet with Victor. Doctors say they removed the bullet from Shehzade’s body but couldn’t do anything more. Mary goes to the dungeon and asks Victor not to say anything, but he says she can’t stand it anymore. Hunkar starts the meeting the next day and says that the British are talking to the Russians. Abdulhamid says that the lands in the Balkans are in danger and the first plan is about Albania.

Edward says that after Albania, they must make some trouble in Macedonia. Edward proposes to give land elsewhere to other European states that want to gain land from the Balkans. While Mary talks with the nurse about Victor, Aliye learns what happened to Stefano. Aliye regrets her actions and apologizes to her sister. Mahmud finally reaches Thessaloniki and settled in Karasu’s hotel. Palmer talks about Abdulhamid’s release for Esat soon to the British envoy. Hunkar says that Esat will come out of the dungeon and talk to the journalists. Hunkar then calls Soghutlu to the palace and asks him to follow Esat.

Shehzade opens his eyes a few days later. Hunkar learns that Nikolai wants to do something about the Straits. Soghutlu sees that the British ambassador went to the Russian embassy and took the Russian ambassador from there. Then a big car arrives at the Russian embassy. Karasu goes to the British embassy and tells his plan to Palmer. Soghutlu tells Hunkar what he saw around the embassy building. Palmer accepts Karasu’s plan and starts talking to the Russian ambassador about the Reval meeting. Meanwhile, someone working at the embassy comes and tells that a doctor Abdulhamid was looking for was found dead in the Russian embassy.

Hunkar asks the Russian envoy to write an order showing his consent for research and sends Soghutlu there. Palmer learns from his men what they have done about Russians’ war plans and begins to wait. Palmer then sets off for the port with Esat and Karasu. Soghutlu goes to the Russian embassy and finds the Russian war plans in the doctor’s bag. On the way to the boat with Palmer, Karasu stops Esat and they flee together. The soldiers catch Palmer. Palmer pulls his gun, but Selim kills him. Necip says that Selim killed Palmer and that Karasu ran away with Esat.

What will happen?

in the season finale of Payitaht AbdulHamid? Hechler is eventually arrested. However, the danger that awaits AbdulHamid and the dynasty started by Hechler continues. The gang that Karaso informs Hechler has to be found.


However, even Karaso is no longer in a position to reach that gang. Hechler is found guilty in court with the evidence that Tahsin also presents. After that, he will spend his life in Russian prisons. However, Goldsimth is out there and directs the meticulously planned scheme to achieve his goals. He catches Abdulkadir for his good intentions.


unknowingly helps the man who prepares his own demise. Halil Halid’s learns that a long-range binocular has entered the customs, and they guess that an assassination will be made. There is an encrypted walking stick at the address they go to.

When no one can decipher the cane, AbdulHamid takes the cane. This is what Goldsmith wants, as the cane has a poison inside it. Only one doctor knows the treatment of the wounds on AbdulHamid’s hands. When the doctor could not come to the palace,

Ahmet Pasha

AbdulHamid and Ahmet Pasha went to see the doctor with the precautions taken by Halil Halid. With her clever plan, Bidar finally learns who the enemy is, but it won’t be easy to contain Blavatsky. Blavatsky goes to play her last game. She does not only take the life of Bidar,

but also everyone in the harem. Will AbdulHamid be shot from where he went to find the cure? Will Hechler, Goldsmith, Blavatsky and their supporters achieve their goal of destroying the dynasty?

Kurulus Osman Season 4 With Urdu Subtitles By Urdu Bolo

Kurulus Osman Season 4 With Urdu Subtitles By Urdu BoloI would like the towns in the new city borders consequently. I need pusat for my Alps to be braced. I would like a pony for the endeavor. What’s more, I believe a bow should shoot those oppressors . Success is our relaxing. A country that doesn’t battle for progress initially loses its opportunity. The presence of the Turks is just conceivable with the success. You generally lead your pony forward. What you need will be given, Osman Bey. cornelia I’ve been searching for you since morning, where could you be? At night, when you desired pie, I went to Harmankaya to have it made. Sir, would you say you are alright?

My queasiness never disappears Ayşe Hatun. When a period passes,
it will pass as well. Presently go to your tent and rest. Cornelia, you come and we should set up a quick bite with me. Alright. I’m Mari. Mr. Turgut. Suppose Barkin. Turgut, I value you. Somebody will hand my chick under the control of the foe, and I won’t end her life. Barkın, on the off chance that it really depended on me, I would have ended his life as of now. Allow Osman to ask. You say the right illustration, the person who does the right example once, will rehash it,

Mr. Turgut. How does Osman Bey trust Gunduz?
I was unable to accept what I heard. Obada didn’t put what he didn’t do to the chicks. It is valid. I grasp everything, except what’s the significance here to isolate from Orhan’s mom? That little sabiye does whatever does that. However, Osman Bey went with his choice. Kurulus Osman Season 4 With Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv It’s not up to us to ridicule us. King Mesut saved your life. However, this land won’t be moved by your feet, not even by your pony’s shoes! Stand up! I will make this tent a grave for you! You ended the existence of my alps. Euphoric! You consumed my heart! What’s more, you made sibling hurt sibling! Kurulus Osman Season 3 In Urdu

You ought to fear what Argun Khan has heard,
not me! With your foul play, you have sold out Islam, Turks, however a lot more individuals. Your passing won’t be so natural. You will kick the bucket as you lived. You will see him soon. Your canines killed my dad. I will lay your corpse in the camp, Geyhatu. Kick the bucket deceptive! Malhun! You can’t let him out of here with my dad’s blood on your hand, Osman. Cerebrum isn’t Osman’s! It is the order of the state ruler! Hang tight,

Kurulus Osman Season 5 With Urdu Subtitles By Urdu Bolo


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