Yalniz Kurt All Episode in Urdu Subtitles


Total 20 Episodes (will be uploaded soon)

Yalniz Kurt (Alone Wolf)

Episode 1

11th century


The gray forest wolf, the son of Ulash, the mad Salur-Kazan, destroyed one hundred thousand enemies. Still, he did not boast that he was a mighty warrior. Salur-Kazan once left his army and went hunting alone. At the edge of the black forest I saw fires that burned like seven torches. He made his way along the edge of the forest.

As he approached the lights, he saw something huge. He met the dragon, That which burned like a torch were the eyes of the dragon. And around was soot, from the fire of this dragon. Kazan, thinking that it was ignoble to kill a sleeping dragon… pulled out one arrow from his quiver and shot at the dragon. He woke up.


He woke up and… The awakened dragon burned everything around, he breathed in, and not a single blade of grass remained. Kazan prayed to Allah. O Supreme Creator, show me the way to salvation, give me strength. Although the dragon spewed fire, although it tried to swallow Kazan, he could not do it.

He took out 80 arrows-from his quiver and fired them one at a time at the dragon. The wounded dragon could no longer resist. He was barely breathing. Kazan, with his strong sword, cut off all seven heads of the dragon. The gray forest wolf Salur-kazan killed the seven-headed dragon at the first battle.

I am Davut Bahadur. I have been fighting Goliath for 60 years. But he couldn’t defeat him. I stepped aside. I thought everything is over. And then some wind blew. There are sparks in a dying fire. This is a call. The call of the lone wolf to fight. The legend is born again.

Season 4



Dad… Dad.. Let’s go. Come on, Batur, this way. My brave man, I’m proud of you. How brave you were. Nothing like this. I was very scared. To be honest, I was scared too. Why didn’t you shoot the wolf? You saw his eyes too. There was nothing to fear. He was not our enemy. Wolves live in packs. But this one was alone This means that this is a lone wolf, expelled from the pack, or the wolf himself chose loneliness. He is not dangerous to us.

Parents of Kurt

If he was dangerous, you have a gun. Therefore, you are strong. You could have killed him. Power is a dangerous thing. You need to know on whom to use it. And besides, we would not be able to eat his meat. If we harm a living being that is not dangerous to us, if we killed him, what would happen?

We would become tyrants. Look. You will become brave if you use your power only with an equal, or upon someone who is stronger than you.

But if you use force against the weak, you will become a tyrant. Use your strength to defend the weak against tyrants. Mom, we saw a wolf! Quiet son, otherwise mother will not allow us to go hunting. Hide there. Son! Sevgi! Yigit! Run, son. Run! Enough. Yigit, Run! Come on, come on! Come on, come on!

Run Away Kurt : Save Yourself

Let me go, let me go! Faster Faster. We’re leaving. Faster.

Sevgi! Evil! Sonok, Yavuz. Evil! Criticism. Senior Lieutenant, Davut Bahadir, order, commander. There’s been an attack, Davut. We don’t know the situation. Get busy immediately. As you command. Look, someone is there. Commander! Stop! Stop boy! Stop, stop! Stop, child!

Stop, stop! I am a national soldier.

Davud Bahadir

My name is Davud Bahadir. Calm down, calm down. Do not be afraid! Do not be afraid! Do not be afraid! Do not be afraid! Don’t be afraid, it’s over. What is your name? Yavuz Yildirim. Brother Halit Yildirim.Everything passed away. Senior lieutenant. Commander.

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