The Pit Cukur Episode 24 In Urdu Bolo

We destroy the world on their heads on their heads.

I am coming.

Pray to god Vartolu.

You are going to where Kahraman is.

I will die and be done with it sister Nedret. It will be a shame for you.

Don’t do it.

You are not aware of what you are doing to me are you?

Not one bit.

SistenNedret, you will get into prison when you kill me.

Where am I now?

Where do you think I am living in?

Before I had grey hairs, Lam without a husband.

Because of you.

And where? In Idris Kogovah’s house.

What do you think my life is?

I used to have a husband.

He would stroke my hair.

I don’t anymore.

Until the day I die, I will live in a room, alone.

Do you know what? I loved my husband.

I still am.

I will get into prison huh?

Where do you think I am now?

Sister Nedret, don’t do it.

Give me one reason. Why shouldn’t I do it?

You killed my brother. Why shouldn’t I kill you?

Because there is a light in your eyes.

You have sharp and blue eyes.

TJ.hat is the reflection of your pain on your eyes.

I know well what is it.

You think when you get your revenge, that pain will fade.

It won’t sister.

Do you go out without your Osman Bey Have fun, have fun.

After all, it’s your last time. Have fun. Do you think I’m afraid of death? You’re scared like a dog. Even if your tongue says otherwise your eyes tell the truth. By Allah’s leave, we ‘ll make you choose death from death, so that the wedding feast is over for a while. Will your brain win the wedding? Filinta Mustfa Season 1 & Season 2 In Urdu Subtitles Our gentleman will win the wedding. Then we will raid all your castles. First Inegol then Yarhisar then Iznik and even Bursa. Brothers the toy begins. Come on, Boran come on. Come on. Let me get out of here I will ask all of you to account for this. From all of you.

What kills when we say be with the ninety-nine names

of Almighty Allah who fills our hearts with the light of faith. Huh! To the soul of the late Ertuğrul Gazi el fatiha. Gentlemen of Kayi each of you welcome you brought a lot of welcome . Thanks. Thanks. As Kayı’s oldest chief the task of administering this wedding has fallen to us. Gentlemen the late Ertuğrul Gazi’s three sons and his genius brother according to our tradition the principality they are named. May Allah Almighty bless the decision we will make bless it.

Amine. Gentlemen of Kayi I wish you would not forget

who we chose as a gentleman . But still, I’d like to remind you. The late Ertuğrul Gazi did not rule like a clan lord . Ertuğrul Gazi ruled like a sultan. He didn’t say he didn’t have a soldier. He didn’t say I’d work with a handful of veterans I am the most noble tribe of the Oghuz I will rule the Kayı tribe, he said. And that’s how it worked. Kayı Beyler The Kayı sanjak cannot be lowered from the place where Ertuğrul Gazi raised it .

A gentleman who doesn’t trust himself and even his stature

fearing independence and freedom who recognizes the Greeks or the Mongols as their overlords. can’t handle this size. Let this be known. Let it be decided accordingly. Filinta Mustafa Season 1 & Season 2 In Urdu Subtitles Mr. Dundar you have the first word. Just say it. Bamsi Bey is right. My three nephews and I we are the most natural of the skin.

I would like to waive my rights to support one of these three brothers.

چکور قسط 24

But which one to choose I don’t know. Whichever I chose I said I would offend the others and by doing the most convenient preserving my right I gave my own rating to myself. I‘m a candidate for the principality. Thank you, Mr. Dundar. Mr. Sulemis you have the word. I see Kayı’s success in Osman Bey, the son of our late lord Ertuğrul Gazi . My candidate is Osman Bey. Thanks.


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