The Pit Cukur Episode 25 In Urdu

Our late father

didn’t like wearing suits. Do you know why?

Because he had to wear suits all his life?

Bravo! Yes, it is true.

How are you, Mr. Fazli?

Welcome Mr. Nazim. Hello.
Let me introduce

you to my brother, Emrah. Hello Mr. Emrah. Welcome.

I know you like wearing comfortable clothes.

You were a cop and you were running around, but you have a calmer life now.

You also have a company.

When every employee in the company look sleek,

it will be awkward for you. Sorry for saying this. I understood what you meant.

You are the boss and the doctor in this business. I will do whatever you say.

Then, let me introduce you to the best tailor in Istanbul.

I will come back again.

See you.
See you.
Please come here, Mr. Emrah.

Should I take this off?
Yes, please take off your jacket.


Don’t mind what Mr. Nazim said.

The suits I make are elegant, but they are comfortable at the same time.

You will get used to them quickly.

How often does my brother come here, Mr. Fazli?

He has been coming here quite often lately.

He came here with Mr. Baykal. I think your brother is his lawyer.

Yes, he was.


By the way,

where is Mr. Baykal? I can’t see him lately.

I don’t think you would see him again.

He died.
I didn’t know it.

Mr. Baykal would take good care of himself.

What happened? He had a heart attack.

That is what was said. They couldn’t save him.

He was our customer for years. He shall rest in peace.

How are you, Fazli?

Mr. Erkun welcome.

Our appointment was an hour later.

I know, Fazli.

I am in a rush. He should let me go first.

We don’t have much to do. I will keep you waiting for a short tir^e.

You can have something to drink.

I told you I am in a rush, Fazli. Why didn’t you understand it?

Dude, can you let me go first?

Our appointment will be short. We will have the last fitting.

What will happen if I don’t?

Don’t make me start it.

I asked for a favor from you.

I told you that it will be short.

It is not a problem, Mr. Fazli. ,1 can wait.

I have time anyway. Please.

I will bring your suit. Please, change your clothes, Mr. Erkun.

am so sorry, Mr. Emrah. It is not important.

These kind of things happen. It is okay.

Let’s see who is here.


It is a nice gun. Bravo!

It id d229, stainless steel.

It is 9 mm.

You are even more tasteless than I thought.

Why is this green? Why green? Couldn’t you find a black one?

It would be if it was black.

Black is good. Do you know why they do this?

They want the uncouth people like you to buy it

and make them think they are different.

I will test your knowledge now.

Do you know what this is, Erkun?

I don’t.

This fabric has a good quality.

So does your gun. Everything you have is of high quality, Erkun.

But, you are not. The good in the suit isn’t of a high quality.

Do you know why I said good?

Because you don’t know s*** so you are not a man.

Only things you know is showing off and bullying,

and green.

Why green?

You think you live, right?

Actually, do are not aware that you don’t even breath.

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